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Hi Music Lovers and Musicians,

I am Ray and I have been a music lover probably for my whole life. I love to listen different types of music. You name it; I have probably listened to it and love it. It includes: Classical Music , Jazz, Pop. Rock, Country, Blues, Indian Music, Metal, Gospel, Japanese, Chinese Opera etc…

Apart from being a music lover, I am a life-time student of music. I study how to play musical instruments and how to compose music as well. I am a pianist and keyboarLearn how to sing onlinedist and I have tried different instruments including: piano, trumpet, flute, keyboard, drum set and guitar. I understand the difficulties of learning a new music instrument and how to play better music on keyboard, guitar or drums.

Maybe you want to express yourselves freely and effortlessly through music, but the reality is you are  struggling  to play a song technically. Maybe you want to play your favorite pop song on piano or guitar, but you end up playing endless amounts of boring technique exercises.  Maybe you want to compose better music, but you end up spending most of the time figuring out the music theory. Maybe you simply want to enjoy more when listening music. Maybe you want to learn to play piano online by yourselves. Maybe…..

There are all sorts of possibilities of your own challenges. That is the reason why I create this website. To share tips, tools and secrets that can accelerate your music learning process and take your music playing to the next level that you always dream of.  I have personally used those tips and I know that all top professional musicians have used and applied these tips, tools and concepts in their music career.  My goal is to show you some tips, secrets or products that work for most of us which can cut your learning curve to an efficient one. We want to get to the fun stuffs as soon as possible, and minimize the boring exercises. We want to provide you the best way to learn piano, best way to learn guitar, best ear training course and ultimately let you to play piano by ear. That’s what we are going to achieve here.

I wish you all the best with your music learning and thank you for dropping by! :)


Let’s the journey begin!





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