Christmas & New Year series part 4: The Best Ways to start a New Year (The Myths about New year Resolution)

Hi Elite Music Learners,

Welcome back and I hope you all had a good celebration of Christmas and New Year.

I certainly did and it is a good time to get back to work.

If you haven’t read the welcome message for all of you to 2016, you can click here to read: I have also shared a tip on whether taking a break in your practice is a good thing or not. 

The Mysterious secrets of making New Year Resolution which works

Is it real that there are some secrets that can make your New Year Resolution works 100% or even 200% better?

It certainly did.

Today I am going to talk about the myths of new year resolution and the best ways to make 2016 the most productive year in your music learning journey. The secrets I am sharing today are not limited to music and learning to play an instrument; you can apply the same methods in all areas in your life. In this sense, 2016 will not only be the most productive year in  music, but will possibly be the best year in your life. I am not kidding; these secrets are that powerful and life-changing if you take action right now to implement them. 

I am really excited about sharing these secrets which I have found and researched over years and personally tried and tested them.

I have discovered these secrets from different sources and each one stands on it own. Meaning you can be extremely successful by applying only one.  However, since we are all Elite learners and always looking for the top, I will share all three of them; one in this post and other two in the next one to finish up our Christmas & New Year Series.

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The Biggest Mistake of New Year Resolution

There are so many myths about New Year Resolution and goal-setting. Should I make a Resolution or not? Why is it always failed? Should I make long-term goal or short-term goal? How big/long should my goal be? etc etc….

Don’t worry I am here and I am going to clear the myths right now.

First, let’s talk about why most New Year Resolutions don’t work?

The Biggest Mistake of New Year Resolution is that you should not make a resolution on the New Year Day (1st January, 2016). What??? Why is it a mistake?

Think about it for a second: making resolutions on the New Year Day implies that you are only want to be better on a particular day and mostly, you are just following everyone else. Being better should be your goal all the time, every day in a year. 

Also, the fact is that 90% of new year resolution made on the New Year Day will fail. It gives your subconscious mind a powerful reason (excuse actually) to allow your resolutions to fail as well. You won’t follow through and implement your goal given that 90% of people are failing with you. How powerful this excuse is! 

You are fighting an uphill battle when making a resolution on the New Year Day. 

What should you do instead of making new year resolutions?

You should make a vision for yourselves. Vision means a long-term purpose for your action. In other words, why do you doing that?

In music learning, for example, you should ask why do you want to play guitar?

Why vision is better than new year goal? Because having a long-term purpose provides your driving force all the time, 365 days a year. It gives you powerful motivation. If you have a strong and clear vision, it automatically drives you to improve and be better all the time naturally. It is not an uphill battle. Indeed, with a vision, your motivation should come easily, naturally and effortlessly. 

The Simplest Way to find your Vision in Music Learning 

Keep asking yourselves why until you find the true purpose. 

The rule should be ask yourselves at least three times or even more.

For instance, 1. Why do you want to learn guitar? Answer: I want to play my favorite song.

2. Why do you want to play your favorite song? Answer: I want to express my emotions freely to the world.

3. Why do you want  to express my emotions freely to the world? Answer: I want my loved one and the person I cared really understand me and I can share my joy and fun in life with them.

You can stop until you find something like the answer 3. You can clearly see that it is a deeper reason and it is your vision for learning guitar.

Whenever you lack every or motivations for practice, look at your vision, remember it, feel it and visualize it. You will instantly feel more motivated than ever before. Then, what’s next?

Of course, you need to carry that good state and go practice. 

That’s it. That the first big secrets of making a powerful New Year Resolution. Try it and tell me your results. Remember, you must take action and implement the tip I told you. It is our big rule here.  

You have 2 more big tips waiting for you in my next post.

Until then, use the method and find out your vision. Let’s get to works!

Your non-traditional Music Coach,

Ray learn to play piano online

PS: Sharing this powerful tip makes me so energized and motivated too. And, I am going to carry this good feeling and go finished some works myself.

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