Christmas & New Year series: the funniest part of learning music and playing musical instruments (part 1)

Hi and welcome all Music Lovers,

Christmas 2

December is an exciting moment of a year. Lots of celebrations, lots of holiday, lots of family times and partying and finally my birthday haha (it’s real!). It is a good time for your non-traditional music coach to come back.

First, I apologize that I am away for a long time; the past few months are unexpectedly busy. But, well, it’s show that we are all on the same page. I am just same as everyone of you. Having a busy life and cannot spend endless hours to practice piano every day for all boring exercises. Those exercises are certainly helpful in the long run, but I do understand you guys; you are all looking for the easiest and more importantly, the funniest and motivated method to learn music. My mission here is to share my knowledge, secrets and tips to help you master a musical instrument as quick as possible. 

Anyway, enough talking about me, let’s talk about you guys and jump in to today lesson.

Christmas is Coming!Christmas 4

Yeah Christmas is coming and it’s coming quick.

One of the biggest reason for people learning to play piano or guitar is to play some songs in front of their love one (family, friends, relatives). What is the busiest time partying and socializing with family and friends in the year? Yes, the answer is Christmas and probably New Year as well. Will it be very cool for you to play a little bit or even a full Christmas song in front of your family during the celebration?

And I like Christmas as learning Christmas song is a good motivation to practice your musical instruments. We are all human and we all need some motivations for us to continue. 

This time, I come back with a series of blog posts which are completely focus on learning to play Christmas song. The final one may be about new year resolution. It will be very long and I am gonna split it into 4-5 parts. It is part 1 and in the following day, stay closely as I will post the part 2 to the end very soon.

Part 1 of the series

It is all about preparing the mood for you to practice Christmas song. Do you remember the previous tips of learning music?

music notes

I hope you have continued to train your ear and do your sight-singing exercises I mentioned here. (sight-singing 1 & sight-singing demo)

First Homework

The first thing I want you to do is to browse the internet, especially Youtube or your old CD. I want you to listen to Christmas songs and as many and as much as possible. If you have a favorite Christmas song, listen to it a lot. You can just type Christmas song or your favorite Christmas song name on Youtube. Listening is the key to music, if you are not familiar with the importance of listening. Click HERE

Christmas 1

Second Homework

The second thing is try to locate a sheet music, chord chart or lead sheet of a Christmas song. There are a lot of it for free on the Internet and it is not very expensive to buy one in your local music store. The best one should have a melody of the song and the chord symbol above there or with a left hand (comping section) but it is not necessary. The easiest way to learn to play piano

The melody and chord symbol should be there.

I hope these two homework are not difficult for you at all. In fact, how can it be even easier because you can complete these homework just with a computer or a device which you use to read this blog post. You can do it all in the comfort of your own chair.

WOW, I am getting so excited to tomorrow part 2 of this Christmas and New Year series. However, just two things to keep in mind.

  1. In order to follow tomorrow lesson and this series, you must be able to read sheet music (know a bit of music theory) and know how to play some basic things on your instrument. (Sorry for complete beginner; your time will come in next year Christmas 🙂 ~

  2. This series will focus on piano and guitar since these two are the most popular and easy one. Most of the material and theory will be based on piano because it is the best instrument to learn theory and for song, we will go along some stuffs on guitar as well. Please understand that it is impossible to cover all musical instruments, but you can still apply the same concepts on your instrument.  

Until next time, take care and have fun in Christmas.

If you have any question, please leave a comment below. Feel free to look around the previous music learning tips.

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  1. Thank you for your great blog post Music Coach Ray.
    Your Christmas articles just caught my eyes.
    keep going. I really like reading your blog posts and enjoy your writing style (should I say free flowing speaking @@)

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Ya, many people commented that I have a special style of writing blog posts.
      Some really like it, others may not enjoy it as much as others.
      But I will continue my style.
      Thanks for support.

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