Christmas & New Year series: the funniest part of learning music and playing musical instruments (part 3)

Hi fellow Music Lovers,

I am not done yet. Indeed, I am going to travel tomorrow to spend my Christmas holiday and I am still packing my stuffs. But, because of you (all of you) , I want to share some more before Christmas and do one more post in this Christmas and New Year series.

Christmas present 1

This is part 3, if you have not check out part 1 and part 2, click the following:

Christmas & New Year series part 1

Christmas & New Year series part 2

Okay, let’s jumpGuitar to the lesson today. Today is all about guitar player. I am mainly a pianist. (I play piano much better than playing guitar)

It’s gonna be a quick and short lesson.

The number one rhythm pattern to use on 90% of songs

Today I am only talking about one thing – the most popular coming pattern to use on guitar to accompany singer or other instruments.

Break into 16th notes

This is how to count the 16th notes: 1e&a, 2e&a, 3e&a, 4e&a  (you all probably know it)

The pattern is hit the strings for the chord on 1 , 2 a , e &, 4 & a

And at other times you only do the motion of picking but without hit the strings

This is it. This is the most popular pattern for comping on guitar.

Let try it and roll with it. Have fun.

Before leaving today lesson, I am going to share something that you can do to learn to play Christmas song.

You just type How to play Christmas songs on guitar on Youtube. Boom there are hundreds of them.

I just did a search on Youtube and I found the following two video which are actually quite good.

It is not produced by me as I can’t play guitar as good as them 🙁

Here are the links:

Guitar lesson 1 

Guitar lesson 2

Enjoy the tips so far and wish you all Merry Christmas!~   Christmas 5

If you have any question, please leave a comment below. Feel free to look around the previous music learning tips.

You music coach – Ray

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  1. I am a keyboard player and I enjoyed the last post more than this one.
    Anyway, I understand you need to cover different musical instruments on your website.
    This leads me to a question for you.
    Will you plan to publish any music education book or music training courses in piano playing, music theory or ear training etc….?
    I really enjoy reading your blog post, and your motivation lesson, but I think it is not feasible for you to actually teach step by step, lesson by lesson to some beginner.
    That’s why I ask you will you have those plans to release your own products? or recommend some things that you find of great value?

    • Yes, I try to benefit different people in different musical instruments.
      I did plan to publish a book for people learning to play popular piano in the past, but never managed to finished 🙁
      My coming plan is to do a review section in different music learning systems and recommend you guys to those systems.
      It is hard to do everything myself and if I find something great, I will just recommend it and won’t product the same thing myself.

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    and previous technologies, it’s amazing article.

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