Do this one thing in your practice session tonight and you will be amazed by the result!

Hey all fellow music lovers,

What’s going on in your music life? Have you keep practicing and listening to more and more music? I hope you have at least implemented some of the things I have discussed about in the previous posts.

Well, because I am here again, you can probably guess that I will share some tips for music learning today. It has been a while since my last blog post about listening and learn to play music by ear, because I am quite busy at the moment. You know it; it’s about life, studying, working etc. In today world, we are all very busy. Some people are busy for studying, examination; others are busy for working or job hunting. I get it and you get it. Everybody is busy, so in today blog post, I am going to share something related to it. Since we are all busy, you have limited time for practicing and learning musical instruments, unless you are a professional musicians. Generally speaking, if playing piano, guitar, violin or other instruments is your hobby, you may not have many time for practicing. Although I do love to talk more about listening, learn to play piano by ear and ear training, I will save that for the next post and  today let talk about how to make your practice session much more efficient.

There is one secret for maximizing your practice session. Can you guess it? It’s not complicated, but often time we forget this secret.

The One Secret that Can Maximize Your Practice Session

Okay, okay I am going to tell you the secret. It is you must put your attention into your practice session.

What do I mean by putting attention into the practice session. It means that you must be totally conscious during the whole practice time. The practice time does not have to be long, but you must be conscious of it.

You will probably say well, it’s make sense, but how do I know I am putting my attention in the practice? Attention and consciousness are very abstract.

Glad that you ask; here are the thing you should watch out for an efficient practice session.

Tips for maximizing your practice session. Do this tonight and you will be amazed. 

  1. You must aware what is going on all the time. It means what you are practicing. How s your finger/mouth, wrist feel? Your thoughts should all be about your playing and music.  You should think about music when you are practicing.
  2. Concentrate on the music in front of you. Don’t think about other things when you are practicing, such as where you will go dinner, which gift you should buy to your boyfriend or which movie you will watch tonight etc. Completely focus on music and your playing. I know sometime it is difficult to concentrate; do the best you can. Overtime, you will be better and better,
  3. It is common sense. Turn off your cell phone, social media and television during your practice session. I know how it is feel when I am practicing piano, suddenly a text message come and I get distracted. It will kill your time. And if you are not conscious during your practice, you are wasting your time. I mean if you are thinking of going dinner, just go to eat it and come back to practice when you can be 100% focus on music.
  4. Know the purpose of your practice exercise. Think about why you need to play that particular exercise, especially if you need to practice it over and over again. Always know what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  5. It is the final tip and kind of help the above tips. You should practice something new and challenging to practice in every session.

There are three reasons for you to do this. First, you naturally put you in a concentrated mental state, because you must put your attention to figure it out. Just remember don’t pick something which is too challenging for you, because it will be very annoying and kill your motivation.  Second, it is good to have something new to challenge yourselves once in a while. It’s keep you fresh and will not be bored by the practice routine. Finally, the objective of practice is practicing something you don’t know, not something you know.  There are so many people who keep “practicing” what they know and what they can play very well during their practice session. They just play the same piece over and over again during their practice session every day.

Think about it, can it still be a “practice” session?

I think you get the point. That’s enough for now.

Remember you must take action on my advice and implement them as soon as possible; that’s mean implement them right now!!

I want you to take action and leave a comment below to let me know what your thoughts about this post. 

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  1. Very useful tips. I’ve got a bad habit of letting myself get easily distracted when I practice, these points force you to focus on your music and therefor get better quicker.

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I am glad to hear that my tips are helpful for you.
      Yeah, the goad is to get better quicker; it’s not a race though.
      but when you get better, you can play more fun stuffs and enjoy more freedom during your performance/ improvisation.


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