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Future of Accelerate Your Music Learning

Hello Music Lovers,

Welcome to my new article. As the title suggested, it is mainly about the future of this website – Accelerate Your Music Learning and I also share one secret trait of all great musicians inside the article so keep reading it.

When reading the title of this post, you may think why there is three specific phrases which are best way to learn pianobest way to learn guitar and best ear training course. Iwill tell you in just a moment, because the reason is closely related to the future vision of Accelerate Your Music Learning.

But first, I want to share one thing that I learned in the recent months. It is actually one secret trait of all great musicians, pianists and composers, including: Beethoven, J S Bach, Mozart, Art Tatum, Oscar Perterson, Chopin, Charlie Parker, The Beatles etc. The trait is concentration or focus. It is impossible to do everything at the same time; jumping your mind from different things is a sure way of failure and it produces absolutely no results.

play piano by ear

Mental focus is critical and it certainly becomes a rare trait and seems to be lost. People becomes less and less concentrated during the day, thanks to the new technology such as mobile phone, social media and video game. So many people set to do one task but then after a minute or two, go on to check the status on facebook on the cell phone. It is a classical example of multi-tasking and lack of focus.

In fact, most of music learners have committed this mistake in their music learning journey especially if they are learning to play by their own. Often time, they want to jump around from one fingering exercise to another or jump from one training course to another system without fully master it or even completed it. Our mind is constantly searching for new stuffs and we are very easy to be bored.

And guess what, practicing piano exercise is a repetition and we are very easy to feel boring about practicing. That is the truth.

I guess that as you are reading my article online, you may want to find a way to learn to play piano online here or other tips on learning piano. Let’s me tell you the truth and trust me, it is extremely useful for you to learn to play piano online.

Why you always think that the new system or music course is better than the previous one but then you give up after a few months and search a new one?

It is because our mind is bored, and want to constantly look for new stuffs i.e. stimuli. When we find a new course which seems to be interesting, we reach a temporary emotional high. But after a few months, the emotional high disappear and it is back to normal.

At that time, you will stop practicing and search for the new course. You are not really searching a new music course or a better system; in fact, you are looking for a emotional high.

You want to be successful, right? Then, instead of changing the course, what you should do?

When yoPlay piano by earu feel that you want to change the course or feeling bored, you should keep practicing and follow through the same course. I am not saying blindly following through every music course, but at least stick to it a little bit longer. Maybe two weeks to two months. 

That’s require a strong mental focus and as Imentioned it is one secret trait that all great musicians, pianists and composers have. It does train and strengthen your mental focus i.e. will power. 

The specific Tip is this: right now if you are practicing any exercise, try to force yourselves to keep practice it for 2 more weeks at least when you feel an urge to search a new exercise. That’s it; the tip is so simple. 

So, please promise me that you will follow my advice and implement it. It also train your will power as well.

Back to the heading, when I set up Accelerate Your Music Learning, I am planning to cover everything related to music learning and try to cover many musical instruments. I am trying to do everything in one place.

However, right now, I decided that focus is a vital component of success and my website will follow this advice. Therefore, I am no longer covering every musical instruments on the site. The three phrases in the title indicate the future focus of my website. Accelerate Your Music Learning is going to focus on three areas:

  1. How to play piano

  2. How to play guitar

  3. ear training/musicianship

The underlying theme is that you can only play good music through piano or music with good musicianship. If you want to play piano by ear, you must train your ear. In this way, I can share more specific tips.

I hope that you all will enjoy my future articles as well as this one.

My next articles are going to share a powerful exercise for piano players in the new 2 part article. So sit tight and watch for the exciting stuffs.

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