General Tips for Music Learners

Hey Music Lovers,

I am very excited to write share this page with you. By reading this page, it tells me that there is something you are different from anyone else (normal music learners). You can cal
led yourselves elite music learners/elite musicians if you want. You are clearly not satisfied  with the traditional, normal learning path of mastery of a music instrument. You seek something better, something that can achieve your goal much faster and better. Finally, you can express yourselves freely, sing/play your favorite song to your family, friends and your loved one. If you are following me so far, please continue reading it, because within the pages of this site I am going to show you secrets of playing better on piano, composing better melody, beinSecrets of Beethoveng a better singer or generally secrets of being a better musician.

Here you will find lots of tips that will enhance your musical journey and jump-start your music learning. Bear in mind that this section contains general tips that will benefit anyone no matter what your genres and instruments are.

No matter you are  a pianist, guitarist, singer, drummer, composer or a music listener, there are certain skills that you will need. In short, it is a good and well-developed musicianship.

But first, what is Musicianship?

In the framework of How to Accelerate Your Music Learning, musicianship is the combination of rhythmic training, ear training, music theory and harmony. If you have good knowledge in music theory and harmony, and you get good rhythm and a good ear, you develop a good musicianship. It is simple as that.

Though it is not difficult to define what musicianship is, it may not be so simple to develop it. Within this section, you are going to find articles and tips in these four pillars of musicianship. Please trust me that musicianship is the game changer of any musicians; it separates the top musicians and the normal musicians and it will surely separates teh accelerate music learners and the normal mediocre learners.

I am excite and look forward to our journey and what you can achieve. A lots of good stuffs are coming soon. Please be proud of yourselves who take action today in order to be a better musician!

Your Non-Traditional Music Coach,


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No matter what your purpose of music learning is, whether you are looking for how to learn to play piano online, how to play piano by ear, the best way to learn piano, the best way to learn guitar or the best ear training course, you should read these three must-read articles first, especially it is your first time to come up this site.

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