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Future of Accelerate Your Music Learning

Hey Music Lovers,

Here is my future plan and vision of this website – Accelerate Your Music Learning.

Inside a previous blog post, I mentioned that I started the site too board and what I am going to do instead. Please Click here to read that article: Future – best way to learn piano – best way to learn guitar – best ear training course 

I did share an important secret traits of every successful musicians there. So, it is well worth to Click here and read it.

As discussed, when I set up Accelerate Your Music Learning, I am being way too board and the scope is simply too wide. I am planning to cover everything and yet, I cannot perform my highest level in any single thing. You see we are all human and even professional and me still makes mistakes from time to time.

Okay, lesson learned and it is time to move on.

Therefore, the outcome is that I decided to no longer focus on every musical instruments and all music topic. Our site will mainly focus on piano, guitar and ear training.

Play piano by ear

That’s it. All our future content, blog post and tips will be mainly concentrate on these three areas and we will discover the best way to learn piano, the best way to learn guitar and the best ear training course along this journey.

Here is my future plan:

Of course, Accelerate Your Music Learning will continue to share secret tips and tricks from top musicians which can help you to learn piano, guitar and train your ear quickly and effectively. Those secret tips and tricks can take your music to a whole new level and I promise you that most top musicians do not want you to know the tips or they simply have no clue of what those tips and tricks are. 

You will continue to find secrets tips and tricks that are exclusive only available on

Apart from sharing tips, I am going to review different course and provide my 100% honest reviews and recommendation of specific courses or books. The courses I am going to review can be found on the reviews page

best way to learn guitar

It is impossible for me to do everything myself. If there are some amazing and excellent courses out there on the market, why should we create our own?

Remember, those reviews are 100% honest and I only recommend things that I tried or I know that they are the real deal from my knowledge and experience. 

You know what is the most awesome thing?

Coming to  this site is everything you needed in order to be successful in music learning or  learn to play piano online. 

Here you get secrets tips and tricks for any pianist, guitarist and ear training.

Then you can get the recommendation of the best course of ear training, piano and guitar.

It is really a complete system of learning to play piano online on your own. Following and implementing the advice from this website, you will be able to play piano by ear very shortly. Guarantee!

Soon, I will publish an article on the best way to learn piano and the answer is simply what you are doing right now.

What is it?

In short, the answer is to fully use the resources on the Internet which is learn to play piano online.

For your reference, here are the courses that I am going to review:

Scott Edwards – Ear Training HQ

ArtistWorks Online Music Lessons for guitar, piano, drum, violin, flute, trumpet and bass

Jermaine Griggs – Hear and Play

Will Barrow – Learn & Master Piano

Dann Sherrill – Learn & Master Drums

Steve Krenz – Learn & Master Blues Guitar

Piano for Allbest ear training course

The Pop Piano Book by Mark Harrison

Joy of Improv Vol I and II by Dave Frank

Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series:

Intro to Jazz Piano by Mark Harrison

Blues Piano by Mark Harrison

Jazz Blues Piano by Mark Harrison

You non traditional Music Coach


No matter what your purpose of music learning is, whether you are looking for how to learn to play piano online, how to play piano by ear, the best way to learn piano, the best way to learn guitar or the best ear training course, you should read these three must-read articles first.

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