Yo Fellow Musicians,

Believe it or not, I know your biggest frustrations in learning music especially learning music online by yourselves. In fact, I have personally experienced it. You can probably guess what it is. It is the uncertainty of what courses or systems work and what do not work. There are over 10,000 courses, books or systems that claim to help you to learn to play piano within days, help you to learn guitar within a short period of time etc. Maybe you have tried some of them, but you end up struggling more and more and it hurts.

best way to learn guitar

I know, because I have been there as well. It hurts, because at the end of t he day, you waste your money, time and energy in those courses and you cannot achieve your goal. You may think it is your own problem rather than the system, because everybody seems to be achieving success with those courses and systems.

Here you will find what I have tried, tested and researched that works for me and thousands of others musicians in the areas of piano, drum, guitar, music theory, learning contemporary musical styles, composing, arranging and musicianship (if you don’t know what musicianship is, go to General Tips for Music Learners. )

By reading my reviews, you will end up saving a lot of time, energy, money and frustration. You don’t need to go through the trial and error process yourselves; just follow what works, your progress will be much faster and your  success rate will be much higher.

Update from 2016, here is my lists of courses that I am planning to publish reviews or will look into them in the future.

Scott Edwards – Ear Training HQ

ArtistWorks Online Music Lessons for guitar, piano, drum, violin, flute, trumpet and bass

Jermaine Griggs – Hear and Play

Will Barrow – Learn & Master Piano

Dann Sherrill – Learn & Master Drums

Steve Krenz – Learn & Master Blues Guitar

Piano for All

best way to learn piano

Piano and music theory books on amazon that I am going to review:

The Pop Piano Book by Mark Harrison

Joy of Improv Vol I and II by Dave Frank

Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series:

best ear training courseIntro to Jazz Piano by Mark Harrison

Blues Piano by Mark Harrison

Jazz Blues Piano by Mark Harrison


Your Non-Traditional Music Coach,


No matter what your purpose of music learning is, whether you are looking for how to learn to play piano online, how to play piano by ear, the best way to learn piano, the best way to learn guitar or the best ear training course, you should read these three must-read articles first, especially it is your first time to come up this site. learn to play piano online

  1. What is Musicianship and why it is the key of every successful musicians
  2. A successful mindset – and why is it so important
  3. Three rules of “the Elite Music Learner Team”

Simply Click the link above and you can read all of them and start improving right now.