Some quick inspirations (links for beautiful music)

Dear Music Learners and Lovers,

I should be posting about the second part of the new years resolution article following with part 1. However, I change my mind and do something different. Though if you haven’t read the first part of the new year resolution, you can read it by clicking here.

It contains several secrets method of setting powerful and sticking goals in your music learning journey. Let’s 2016 be the best year in your life by making a new year resolution that works .

Today I am going to share some beautiful music. I call them quick inspiration. You need to constantly listen to beautiful music and it reminds and reinforce your why (why you want to learn that particular musical instruments). Once again, I discuss the why in depth in the part 1 of new year resolution. 

Here are the quick inspirations:

Jordan Rudess – Imagine

What a wonderful world – LOUIS ARMSTRONG

Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world (Another Version)

That’s it for today. And, be ready for the next post.

That’s gonna be a big one!learn to play piano online





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Ray - the music coach

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