Successful Mindset

Yo Music Lovers,

It’s your non-traditional music coach – Ray here. Withing this pages, you are going to find the first and actually the most important lesson in your music journey. Can you guess what it is? No, it is not about your practice routine. No, it is not about what courses and systems you are using. And it is not about your instruments. Regard to the title of this page, you can probably guess the most important element is your mindset. In order to be an elite musician, an accelerate music learner, you must first have a successful and empowering mindset.

But why is your mindset the most critical factor for your success in music learning?

The answer is that no matter how efficient is your system/teacher and how fast you can progress. it still takes time and effort. Success always requires time and action; music learning is no exception.Become a professional musician

An example is that even though your system can cut your learning and practice time from 10000 hours to 1000 hours ((It is a very powerful system indeed), you still need to practice 1000 hours in order to master the instrument. Another example is that I can provide you the best tips, secrets and training in the world, but if you don’t use it yourselves, there will not be any benefits for you. You must take your own action.

In How To Accelerate Your Music Learning, you are going to find lots of tips, recommendations and secrets of accelerating your music learning. Please bear in mind that you will take action on those advice and don’t just be a reader.

Of course, there will be a time that you are simply lack of motivation. That’s why I am here and we are here. Being a part of this “elite music learner team” should provide you extra motivation to your learning. And, I am here to share some things on how to develop an empowering and successful mindset for music learning. When you feel stuck, feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email and we are here to encourage each other!

Please be proud of yourselves as you are going to become a better musicians and remember to take action!

Your Non-Traditional Music Coach,

Ray   learn to play piano online




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