Welcome Everyone To 2016 – a new start to music learning journey

Hello and Welcome all my friends,

Happy New Year!!~ Welcome all music learners and music lovers to the new year 2016. 

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I hope you all will be excited for the new year. I always like to say a new year a new start.

I do hope you all have a new start in your music learning journey and I am so glad that I can be a part of your journey and hopefully give you some extra boost, motivation and insights!

I talk about some similar concepts in the previous article: Do this one thing in your practice session tonight and you will be amazed by the result!

Today article will be quick. I only want to share one tip.

The tip of having a short break

There is a  debate about whether taking a break in the holiday is good or bad for your music learning journey.

My take is that a short break is nothing harmful for you, as long as you can go back to practice once you finished the holiday. 

Indeed, human cannot focus and be highly concentrate for more than 20-40 minutes. Taking short breaks during your practice session is proven to be helpful and can improve your efficiency.

How about taking a holiday break like Christmas and New Year?

Yes, you can do it. In fact, you may find you are more refresh and motivated  when you come back from holiday. A holiday break prevent your practice session becoming mechanical and routine based (practice like a machine). 

Just bear in mind that don’t be away completely for your musical instruments for too long. It will be counter-productive.

From my personal experience, I recommend taking a holiday around 5-7 days and not longer than 10 days. Otherwise, you will feel difficult to come back and return to your normal practice in term of intensity and concentration level. 

That’s it for today. I hope you all have a good holiday and celebration for new year. I know in some countries, the Christmas and New Year celebration do last longer than a month if not two months!

Feel free to leave a comment below. Otherwise, I will see you in the next post and we will probably finish our Christmas and New Year Series; discuss more about new year resolution and goal setting.

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  1. Happy New Year Music Coach Ray and your website.
    Happy 2016^^

    • Hello Anthony,
      Happy New Year and I hope you get the most out of it so far.
      Thanks for your comment and I suggest you to check out my 2 parts article about new year resolutions related to the theme of new year.

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