Welcome! Here you are going to learn to play piano fast, learn to sing online, discover secrets of playing by ear and even become professional musician!

Welcome everyone!

You are going to unlock your full musical potential here. In this website, we are going to cover many different topics. Of course, you are going to discover the best way to learn piano and the best way to learn to play guitar. Play Piano by ear

Whether or not you want to learn to play piano fast, learn to play piano online, learn to sing online, play your favorite songs on guitar as soon as possible, discover the secrets of play piano by ear and even become professional musician, you come to the right place. Here is the ultimate resource for elite music learners and top pianist, violinist, drummer, guitarist, keyboardist etc..

In this post we are going to share three rules for how to learn to play an instrument fast online. Indeed, these three rules are the rules of our team – “Elite Music Learner Team”.

Please read those rules carefully; if you think you cannot follow those rules, please leave this site. If you decide to ignore the rules, you will not succeed in music because this is the key for mastering a musical instrument.

Rule #1: You must take action!

Yes, it is as simple as that. However, it is the most important rule. In order to master any skills, including playing piano, singing, writing music and even learn to dance, you must practice. Words don’t mean much, actually, words don’t mean anything. Actions do. No matter how good your talent are, no matter how good my advice is or no matter how effective and powerful your system are, you have to take action yourselves. In fact, you have to constantly take action, practice and implement my tips and advice at least weekly basis (daily is the best).

“When the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte

Please refer to my successful mindset.

Rule #2: Stick to the courses/ system as long as you achieve your goal

There is no trying in our team. Trying means you are just going to put some effort and it may be work or it may not be work. It is not what we want. I guess you don’t want something like: sometime you can achieve your goal and sometimes you can’t. That’s totally suck. I don’t want that personally and I believe that you don’t want that either.

The solution is to stop trying and do the things until you achieve your goal. Unless you succeed, you don’t give up. The biggest difficulty  for online music learner and people learn to play an instruments by themselves is not they don’t have enough teaching materials or information. The biggest reason for failure is that they cannot stick to the courses and system and motivate themselves to complete it. And they simply quit and they can never actually play their favorite song or play the songs on piano to their loved one.

See the Rule #3 for motivation.

Rule #3: Never say have to; say want to

You don’t have to practice piano every day. You don’t have to learn to play drum. You don’t have to learn to sing better. You don’t have to learn music theory.

You want to do those things.

I want to practice piano every day. I want to learn to play drum. I want to learn to sing better. I want to  learn music theory.

In fact, try it yourselves; right now, try to say the above sentence yourselves. I assure you can probably feel the differences instantly. You feel so much motivated, so much powerful and so much fun to do so.

In “Elite Music Learner Team”, every time we catch ourselves saying have to practice etc., change it to want to practice.

Memorize and follow through the above 3 rules, I guarantee you that you will achieve your goal. You will learn to play piano online, you will learn to sing your favorite song fast, you will master playing by ear, you will master jazz improvisation (if it is your goal).

Start implementing all three rules today, right now and remember you must take action (Rule #1)!

Talk to you next time. Feel free to let me know your results and your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Since it is my first post, you can leave a comment below to let me know which area or which topics you will most to want to read about in my future blog posts. Anythings related to music learning are welcome.

Your Non-Traditional Music Coach,

Raylearn to play piano online

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  1. This is a great post for motivation! I agree that one must feel that they “want” to practice not “have” to which just takes all the fun and creative energy out of it. And I like the idea of just jumping in at the beginning, sounds like fun! 😀

    • Hi Ali,
      Thanks for your comment. In most situation, we always have a choice. Think about it, if it is not a live or death situation, we don’t “have to” do anything, but we “want to” do those things for fun, for ourselves or for our loved one, don’t we?

  2. Those rules are really the key of successful in any field.
    Although its sound like simple, its will make your learning process to become easier and more enjoyable if you follow those rules.
    Can’t wait to see more articles from such a great website!

    • Hi Contador,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you are right.
      Those rules do not simply restrict for music learning. It can be apply to many fields, like studying in school, practicing a sport, learning everything and improving your career.The application of those rules are vast. will post more articles for. Sit back and relax and enjoy!

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